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This is AU from the moment Scott gets bitten, a mostly self indulgent Derek and Stiles get together fic.

When an Alpha Wolf finds his Alpha Rhea (Sub) who is stubborn but also his destined mate. Find out what happens when Harry agrees to Fenrir's Proposal; he enters into a world he never knew existed.

Harry has had to become a leader, but can Credence offer him something in his life that he has not had before.

And can the protection of Harry give Credence the confidence he needs.

Harry/Weasley Twin Slash After the defeat of Voldemort Harry receives a letter requesting a courtship from King Rhaegar, he agrees to the courtship and gets swept away in courtship, romance and a different world to the one he is used to.

Years later and much older, Bilbo finds a pair of dwarflings and tries to help them find their parents or guardians. The Weasley twins step in and start helping Harry after the revelation he is the 4th Hogwarts Champion. The Twins are on a charm offensive, and Harry is about to be swept along.

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M/MHarry takes charge of his own life and takes his seats on the Wizengamot with Hermione and Ron's help.

Harry discovers in an unusual way that Lucius is a veela and he is his mate.

He has to decide what type of relationship he wants with Lucius while coping with his own veela protective urges.

Slash Credence/Harry Stiles and the moon have an interesting relationship.

Sometimes he asks it for help, sometimes it answers, but mostly it just likes to meddle.

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