As promised, I am providing a 12 week plan for running a Half Marathon in 2 Hours or less.This 12 week plan assumes that you have built a 21-31 mile base before beginning.You must be able to accomplish two things – a distance goal and a speed goal. Can you run 6 miles in the first week of a 12 week program?Can you run 11 miles in the ninth week of the program? For the speed portion of the goal, there is a whole different criterion you must meet.As we discussed before, you do not need any more than 30.57 miles to run your best Half Marathon. But your goal is to be consistent in the 21-31 mile range – less when you are running a weekend race and more when your weekend has a long run scheduled.Now a couple of additional items to go over before you start this program.The tempo runs shown on the attached schedule are run at your marathon race pace ( minutes per mile).For these, you run a warm up for 1.5 miles, 4.0 miles at tempo pace, and .5 mile cool down. Please review and let me know if you have any questions on anything on the schedule that is confusing.

This rule can be applied to the speed you need to run to accomplish a 2 hour Half Marathon.

Multiplied by 26.2 and my total is now 235.8 total minutes.

Divide 235.8 by 60 and it shows it would take me 3.93 hours to run a marathon.

The runner will then take that time, add two minutes, and multiple it by 26.2 (the distance of the marathon in miles).

That total will give you the total time in minutes.

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