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Enoch James, a young man who had accompanied a family to which he was related, was the first to procure a marriage license in the township, and, it is believed, in the county. The first postoffice was established in 1822, or 1823; \'V. The streams were all unlaridged, and in times of high water, which sometimes continued for weeks, the mail carrier had no means of crossing but to swim.

A canoe was usually kept at the crossing, and sometimes he would go over in that with the mail bags, swimming the horse by the side of the canoe ; but if the canoe happened to be on the other side, or no one could be found to row it, he would plunge boldly in, protecting the mail bags as best he could.

The Miami tribe of Indians were still in the country. 97 hunted with them, and Hved on terms of mutual friendship.

The trees along the route were merely "blazed," and a few brushes cut out.

This was made by burning a hole a foot or so deep in a solid sugartree, beech or other log, setting this up on end and erecting over this something exactly like a well sweep, only, in place of rope or chain to attach to a bucket, was a pole with the butt end down, fitted nicely to the shape of the mortar.

A small portion of corn was put in at a time and pounded till sufficiently fine, and the coarse parts removed by a sieve.

The county line not yet having been established nor the county seat located, it was hoped to make it a county seat.

The town plat is recorded at Brookville, and the only e\'idence of its existence in our records is in the records of deeds to certain lots — Main street and Broadway being given as part of the boundary. Paul about 1857, and for a time met in the upper room of the building now occupied by the Johannes buggy factory.

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