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It also provides us the possibility to reconnect with people from our childhood and it can be a life changing event. Turning that idea into a booming company through innovation and execution is what that matters most. The Father of Internet Vint Cerf, together with Bob Kahn created the TCP/IP suite of communication protocols.

Here, these are the people who have the biggest impact on the direction of the web: past, present, and future. a language used by computers to talk to each other in a network. He wrote the first web client and server and designed a way to create links, or hypertext, amid different pieces of online information.

From this concept, Robert Tappan Morris created the Morris Worm.

It’s one of the very first worm viruses to be sent out over the internet that inadvertently caused many thousands of dollars worth of damage and “loss of productivity” when it was released in the late 80s.

It’s a rocky road to success and not everyone is daring, cunning, and capable enough to pass it.The web itself has replaced the practice of reading newspaper.Most of us now communicate through e-mails instead of paper and pen.However, every one of them is a self-made-starting-from-scratch entrepreneur and therefore a good role model for all newcomers in the world of entrepreneurs.So, if you are feeling lucky and have some business ideas, stop with the daydreaming and check out most profitable businesses with low start-up costs – who knows, maybe you’re the next Bill Gates.

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