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It is placed close to the high road; it is open, airy, and agreeably situated. The house at present contains: They are under the charge of a master and matron, and a male and female superintendent of lunatics. The men who are strong enough cultivate the land; others do the washing and laundry work of the house. The inmates on admission are not separated and medically examined, in accordance with the regulations.There are no receiving wards fit for these purposes.She is assisted by 10 pauper servants — seven women and three old men.The reports of the inspector of schools are of a favourable character.

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The peculiar remedy prescribed, the nature of the treatment observed, and the use in such ward of the refuse bedding and linen of the house, necessarily render it the most offensive of all.

She looks right at home in this natural setting–maybe because she’s such a natural beauty.

[Up to 1834] [After 1834] [Staff] [Inmates] [Bibliography] [Links] Preston had a number of local workhouses. A new Workhouse was recently erected near the town, on which occasion a paper was published from which the following is an extract: "The motives for the erection and establishment of the Workhouse at Preston are to train up the children of the Poor to habits of industry, religion and virtue, that they may be useful members of Society; to furnish employment for the Poor of all ages, and oblige them to earn their own support, so far as their strength and ability will admit; to prevent idleness, dissipation and vice; and to provide a comfortable asylum for the deserving whom age, disease or infirmity have disabled from pursuing their various employments." The Workhouse is built on a tolerable plan, but wants apartments for the sick. The bedsteads are made of iron, and the beds stuffed with chaff.

Deepdale Road and Wood Plumpton stayed as mixed workhouses, Ribchester was used for adult males, Walton-le-Dale became the union's boys' school, and Penwortham was used for girls. Conditions in the workhouse were the subject of severe criticism following an inspection by Poor Law Inspector R. ("The Itch" was the popular name for scabies, a contagious skin disease caused by a mite.) This workhouse is old, ill arranged, and unsuitable in every respect for the purposes for which it is used, namely, the reception of all classes of poor.

Deepdale Road was used as the union's main workhouse for adult inmates and by the 1860s could accommodate 480. The classification is nominal merely, almost all the inmates meet together in the yard in the centre of the building.

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