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Now, though, I feel that this absurd electronic friendship has been going on for too long ever to translate it into a real, face-to-face relationship.

It hadn't occurred to my pal that the chap was simply being neighbourly.Furthermore, as many as 56 per cent of over-65s (compared with 26 per cent of 18-24s) said they 'enjoyed spending time with' their neighbours.] It's probably a bit much to put this 'decline in neighbourly standards' among the young entirely down to social networking sites such as Facebook, but I am sure it has something to do with it.My generation tends to think that we don't to foster good relationships with our neighbours - because we can make our friends online. In the past, people such as me who work from home would have been prey to all sorts of daytime loneliness and need for human interaction.Adding someone as a friend on Facebook is the new 'popping round for coffee'. If I were to see my neighbour in the garden, I would have darted out of the house, quick as a flash, in the hope that she would invite me over for a cup of tea - or I'd pop round on the pretext of borrowing a cup of sugar.It strikes me that the housewives of my mother's generation made friends with their neighbours out of a desire - nay, a - for companionship.

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