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Concurrently, we have also started the process to certify Azure Stack for Common Criteria.

Given the length of the process, this certification will be completed sometime early next year.

To boost detection capabilities, we enabled security and audit logs of each infrastructure component and we centrally store them in a storage account.

These logs offer great visibility into the infrastructure and security solutions (e.g.

Before starting implementing, we asked our customers what they expect from security for a solution like Azure Stack.

Not surprisingly, the majority of the people we talked to told us that they would strongly favor a solution that comes already hardened and with security features specifically designed and validated for that solution.

To add an additional layer of due diligence, we brought in two external vendors to perform extended penetration testing of the entire integrated system, including the OEM-specific components.

Since we define the hardware and software configuration of Azure Stack, we were able to harden the infrastructure by design, the hardened-by-default principle.We built the system so that if one component gets compromised, it does not directly result in the entire system getting taken over.Because of the elevated set of permissions associated with it, the administrator role is typically the most often attacked.The security posture of Azure Stack is designed based on two principles: Assume breach is the modern approach to security, where the focus extends from not only trying to prevent an intrusion, but to also detect and contain a breach.In other words, we not only included measures to prevent a breach, but we also focused on solid detection capabilities.

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