Meet and fuck no username

They look like cops, down to the polo shirts that recall last season’s Search Bloc police detail.

lets us believe the police are preparing to raid the party and bring the drug lords to justice, complete with the stereotypical “last day on the job” character.

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This pretty much all ends when JD enters the scene.

Our submissive redhead is a dog lover and a caretaker in her personal life...(READ MORE ABOUT ALEKSA) 22 year old Aria is a hair dresser, car fanatic, and anal-loving slave who actually cums when she gets slapped in the face so loud that the room echoes. As with the last submissive, we had no idea this amateur is into extreme submissive kink until she admits to it in her interview.

So once again we shift gears, put on our meanest Master/Sir hats and go to town on this petite blue-eyed white girl.

In a nice bit of irony, though, the heavies are revealed to really just be cartel security.

• Peña tries his wounded-rogue-cop thing on his ex-girlfriend in Laredo …

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