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There are many fakes available for Whats App Plus online so make sure, you will download this app from a reliable source. Yeah you can change the wallpaper, your status, profile picture but the theme remains same.

After installing, this app will let you to hide your Whats App Profile Picture from other friends. So, if you want a totally new interface for your Whats App then install Whats App PLUS Holo.

After installing, check the option to hide your ‘last seen at’ timestamp. There is not any option to share documents, compressed files, and other files using Whats App.

It is great feature but the feature comes out to be really very annoying because it reveals whether you’re online and not.

It provides the default Whats App theme “HOLO” but there are plenty of other ways to customize your Whats App interface. : 100 Whats App Profile Pic Collection Free Download Using Whats App all the time? Do you want to know whether that crush is actually interested in you?

Get know who starts the most conversations, which days you are most active and what time you have sent messages using What Stat for Whats App.

Now, those people who have their number find them on Whats App, send messages and never got reply back.

Keep in mind, even if you change your SIM card, your account will not automatically gets deactivated, it will still available.

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