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Marco tells Ann that he wants a serious relationship.Marjee and Jason come up with a plan to leave Trish but Jason doesn't go through with it. Ann meets Marco a couple of times at Sorelli's Deli and considers getting serious with him.Meanwhile, Ann is in denial about the fact that she and Danny are breaking up.Marjee has moved back in with her father and is annoyed that his fiancée, Renée, gets up way too early in the morning and is way too cheerful.

Ann is depressed and suffering over her breakup with Danny.The untitled Related theme song is sung by The Veronicas, whose music was regularly featured in episodes.A lot is happening in the lives of the Sorelli sisters.Ann is in an awkward situation knowing the big secret that Renée is keeping from Joe.Marjee continues her relationship with her boss' boyfriend, Jason.

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    AE: Hayley, as a Christian in a band that has openly identified as Christian were you worried that your audience might not accept Tegan and Sara as they are lesbians and not a part of the Christian rock scene?

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