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The Egyptian Society of Accountants and Auditors is presently developing an exposure draft of a proposed Egyptian Accounting Standard for SMEs.

The exposure draft is based on the IFRS for SMEs but is expected to propose several differences, including differences in the areas of leases and distributions of profits to employees.

Refugees may be subject to security restrictions imposed by the Egyptian authorities and may also face arrest and detention.

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Some of those differences are also due to the latest changes on IFRSs in connection with improvements in 20.

The principal applicant and all of his or her family members must go through separate interviews at the UNHCR local office, presenting their UNHCR asylum-seeker registration cards, original identification documents (such as a passport or an ID card), and other documents that might be relevant to their refugee claim.

Applicants are entitled to have a legal representative to assist them during their interview.

Joint audits are required for banks and other financial institutions.

Egyptian Accounting Standards (EAS) are developed by the Standards Committee of the Egyptian Society of Accountants and Auditors.

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