Dating for attractive and successful people

Victor Johnson of New Mexico State University used a program called Face Prints, which shows viewers facial images of variable attractiveness, and the images which viewers rated as a perfect 10 out of 10 in attractiveness were those of almost perfect symmetry.Elaine Wong and her team at the University of Wisconsin analyzed photos of 55 male CEOs of large companies and the companies’ return on assets.The British National Child Development study conducted by Daniel Nettle of the Open University shows that the taller men were, the less likely they were to be single or childless, concluding that taller men are deemed more sexually attractive and more likely to find a mate.“In choosing a husband, size matters,” Nettle says.Our users do not have time to talk to everyone, so when they sign up to Luxy, they know they are getting quality matches,” Tim said.

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And physical attractiveness is perhaps most acutely observed in the workplace, where attractive employees and job candidates are more often hired over peers, more readily promoted, and paid more.“It is imperative that Luxy ensures quality on our app, not quantity, and checking income allows us to do that,” he said.If you’re a well-off and good-looking individual who’s looking for your other half, there’s no better dating app for you to use than Luxy.To become a member, you have to be accepted either by confirming your income or being voted in by users of the opposite sex who deem you as attractive.Not only does this selective system ensure that the site has high-caliber people, but it also ensures that the profiles are as genuine as possible.

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