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The majority, she said, refused to date a person named Mohammed and believed men named Oliver were white, blonde and blue-eyed.

Ten single people were recruited to take part in several experiments designed to test - without them knowing - how racial prejudices played a part in their dating decisions.

Guy writes about the history of prostitution world-wide in her article entitled "Stigma, Pleasures, and Dutiful Daughters." Guy states that prostitution is linked to religious beliefs, family survival, and patriarchy authority.

An alarming number of the women were abused in their past, making them vulnerable to further exploitation.

One upset viewer also said: 'Apparently that black guy is pouting because he has full lips and his nostrils are flared??

Listen don't make me get mad.' Just 9.4 per cent of white people of 5,000 polled said they would date outside their race.

Period detail abounds here as it did with "Butch Cassidy," and there's another memorable score amid the proceedings, Scott Joplin rags modernized by Marvin Hamlisch.

The score even produced another hit, "The Entertainer," to compare with "Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head."What's different about "The Sting," and what makes it such a classic in its own right, is the way the stars service the plot.

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I realize that Cat sells a dream and so many fall for it.Five gets you ten you'll enjoy Newman and Redford, and a terrific supporting cast (one advantage over "Butch Cassidy") that includes Charles Durning, Eileen Brennan, Dana Elcar, Harold Gould, and Mr.There's another familiar face from "Butch Cassidy," Charles Dierkop, Flat Nose Curry in "Butch Cassidy" and Lonnegan's right hand here.For some without realising what they were doing or saying, entire racial groups were discarded in one swipe.One white male participant Jordan, 25, from Southampton, who had been single for over a year boldly stated while looking at a mixed race girl: 'I am just not into mixed race girls unfortunately.

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