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You know how it feels to take a long run after a hard day.You know just how fulfilling it can be to bench press away your anger at that smarmy asshole in accounting.Prepare for frustrated breaths emanating from a body that won’t stretch quite as much as the owner would like.And don’t be surprised if you fall back asleep just as she arrives back home, jumps in the shower.It may be annoying to pull out your i Cal or build a Google Doc to keep your schedules in sync, but if the relationship involves two busy partners, it make take some real calendar juggling to make it work.There are some serious female sports fans out there, but professional sports fandom remains a male dominated hobby.

Some people are able to separate this drive on the field from their lives off. You’ll find out which type of competitor your girl is the first time you play Monopoly or Risk.If you’re so committed to laziness that you can watch your lover come home after a long day and hit the gym while you stay planted firmly on the couch, then there may be no helping you.Between getting ready, making the drive to the gym, working out, and coming home, a good workout can eat up several hours of your time.If you start feeling the pangs of jealousy, first work through your feelings, and admit that they are about your negative self-image. If your girl looks that good, she deserves a man who is in shape.Once you get you get your body in shape, that jealousy will likely magically subside.

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