Datagrid rowupdating not firing

Ok This is the settings: I use a Viewgrid with only itemtemplate colums for example. Row Updating event not firing on update button click for Grid View Control Hi, I've viewed some of the other posts and although they come close to addressing my problem they still leave something lacking so here goes.The Grid View control resides in a User Control which is referenced in an page that is housed inside a Master Page.And there are a lot of pages, because Jiayuan is packed with different features.The third type of authentication could be the presence of a trademark on the item, which is a legally protected marking, or any other identifying feature which aids consumers in the identification of genuine brand-name goods.

I'm having a very hard time understand what would prevent your event from being fired.In Custom Control, Grid View Row Updated event not getting called.Hi Events that ends with "ed" e.g: Row Updated or Row Deleted doesnt fire when you are using custom binding of Grid View i.e you are not using Sql Data Source for binding. Hope it helps Hey sorry to bother you agian, I took my snippet that WAS in my rowupdated event and put it in my rowupdateing event like you said no issues.Although events ends with "ing" will still work with custom binding.. however now when the event is triggered i get an error message for the first line of my snippet.Here is the error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Here is code behind: Datagrid(1.1) to Grid View(2.0) and using the Row Updating event how to extract the values from the controls.

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