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Their story is the stuff of Hollywood soap opera, one that takes in fame, disillusionment and a failed romance.

Two former child-stars from Los Angeles, they both gave up lucrative acting careers in order to start a band. Beautiful as they are, after a while, when you're touring, these cities start to look the same." Sennett and Lewis have expressed a desire to be interviewed separately for fear that they might start bickering.

Already established as alt-rock darlings in the US ( Rolling Stone hailed them as the greatest rock act of 2004), Rilo Kiley are now bringing their bittersweet brand of indie-pop to Britain. BBC Radio 2 and XFM are among the radio stations championing their forthcoming single, "Portions for Foxes", while MTV already has the song on heavy rotation. Having formed in 1997, their first five years as a band were spent mostly on the road.

Meanwhile, their album More Adventurous, released in the UK six weeks ago, has received rapturous reviews, with Lewis, flame-haired and with a penchant for saucy footwear, being breathlessly described as a latter-day Loretta Lynn. They didn't get around to releasing their debut album, Take Offs and Landings, until 2001, following it up in 2002 with The Execution of All Things.

Rumor has it that the movie only gained interest after the success of Titanic, and while rumors were flying for awhile that Leo had a few nude scenes in it, it turns out that he just thought the movie was pretty terrible. Gelfen I always wondered who’d want to audition for a character named Donkeylips. He also had a few words for Miley Cyrus, via twitter.

As of the time of this being written, Miley has yet to respond.

I wasn't offered , but those kinds [of movies], or really stupid comedies." PHOTOS: Winona and other stars take Toronto Adds the two-time Oscar nominee, "Right now, I'm trying to be kind of choosy.

In one interview with Millionaire Playboy, Tim/Trevor speculated that Sponge was gay, admitted he – himself – was bisexual and a big supporter of equal rights and gay marriage, said that he felt that the cast worked well as a family, still keeps in touch with Megan Berwick – who played Z. I did not change my last name, out of wanting to respect my heritage, and my Father. She currently works at a non-profit company called Kiva, and here’s a short video she did for them in 2011.

Z., and mentioned how he wanted to get into the music industry. And, since I’m estranged from my whole mother’s side of the family, it seemed silly to keep the name my mother gave me… when it became clear that she no longer cared at all about maintaining a healthy relationship with me." . From 1996 to 2000, she attended Colorado College and went on to study at Stanford University, receiving an M. Erik Mac Arthur as Michael Stein Michael’s chicken pox wrote him off the show, but is he still suffering? Turns out that “chicken pox” was code for “I don’t want to act anymore”.

As she approaches her 40th birthday next year, Winona Ryder says she is finally ready to settle down.

In a – says during her non-working time she lives in San Francisco, where she hangs with other artists. "There's a lot of cute writers up there," she says. " Though she has been MIA for the last decade since she was arrested for shoplifting ,760 worth of goods at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills, she has a few buzzed-about upcoming projects — including (out Jan. PHOTOS: Gwyneth, Winona - and other shocking BFF breakups "After these movies, which were a real gift to me, work breeds work," she tells the paper.

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