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Christmas in Russia is normally celebrated on January 7th (only a few Catholics might celebrate it on the 25th December).

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The main meal on Christmas day is often more of a feast with dishes like roast pork & goose, Pirog and Pelmeni (meat dumplings). "Oh yes, they came here, but they didn't stay long. In some areas, children will go carol singing round the homes of friends and family and to wish people a happy new year. The kings would have found somewhere else to rest by now. They went that way." For a day Babushka followed the trail of the kings and the villages got bigger and became towns. They are normally rewarded with cookies, sweets and money. She could easily catch them up, but she felt so tired. The next thing she knew, she was awake and it was dark outside. She quickly pulled on her cloak, packed the toys in a basket and ran down the path the kings had taken. If people did want to celebrate Christmas, they had to do it in secret just in their families.After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, people were free to celebrate Christmas again.

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