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In September 1955, she married William Doran Combs.

She was born March 1, 1921, in Ogden, Utah, to Carson Gilbert and Nellie Louisa Florence Kidd. They moved back to Idaho to farm again where the twin girls, Carol and Cheryl, were born May 8, 1947, in Twin Falls, Idaho.

In 1995, Dave and Velda followed their dream to retire and live in the Hagerman Valley on the river.

Mom felt that you are a little closer to heaven when you live by the water.

She loved to cook, crochet, paint, and square dance.

She traveled with Doran all over the country and made a special trip with her mother to England to meet with distant cousins. 16th St., in Burley, where friends and family may call from 1 until p.m. Burial will be in Pleasant View Cemetery in Burley.

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