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The character Joi is supposedly named after the urban slang porn acronym for J. I : Jerk Off Instruction, which is a tease game between a porn actress and the camera/viewer. In her first scene, Joi shifts roles (and outfits) rapidly from attentive and warm confidant, to coy seductress.

It is only later in that scene that it is made clear to the audience that Joi is a cognitive virtual human hologram, and the only meaningful relationship in K's harsh life.

This meant that the plates were filmed with some scope for DNeg to go in a number of different directions.

Well before filming had started, DNeg did a number of tests and discussed at length with the director and VFX supervisor John Nelson possible approaches.

During their encounter Joi's image is overlaid on Mariette.

It was actually just one week before finishing principle photography that her look was agreed upon.(This particular scene at the archives was done by Framestore, based on the same approach that DNeg used).Joi who seems to 'genuinely' care for K, hires a replicant sex worker Mariette.The apartment set was built full of light strips, and Deakins either used these practical lights to light the actors, or used the practical lights to motivate the master lighting.The set itself was tight and did not allow a lot of room to work.

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